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It was a tragic incident that shocked not only the bus driver but also the police and officials of the Karnataka state transport corporation – KSRTC.

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The non-airconditioned sleeper bus bound to Bengaluru from coonoor, Tamil Nadu, via Mysuru-Mandya-Channapatna route reached Bengaluru easrly  morning, alighting passengers at satellite bus station, then to Majestic and atlast at Shanti nagar Bus station before it was parked at the bus depot.

The driver of the bus MOHINUDDIN was sleeping in the rest room, where the bus was taken for a wash, when everyone heard the scream of the washman. On his scream, the duty personal employed at the bus depot found a dead body of a man aged around 30 to 40 years stuck under the chasis. When enquired the driver, he could not remember of realize what and where this incident could have happened, but he has reported that he heard a sound which he thought that he has hit a stone about 70 km away from Bengaluru.

The Police have registered a case of the driver under sections 304A and 201 of IPC for negligence in driving and causing death and the police have alerted all the police stations in the bus route. One driver said: “The Bengaluru-Mysuru road has dozens of speed breakers. The body should have fallen off the vehicle when the bus went over them. It’s shocking it remained stuck to the chassis.”

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