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Everyday begins with real freshness as like a flower which blossoms with its fragrance . Life is going very fast. We too travel fast with no clear destination, not knowing the reason of our life, the purpose, and the goal.

We are aware about the advancement in science and technology, the invention of electricity and computers have changed the world in an unimaginable manner. The smart phones we use do connect the people of the world, we see the world, track our movement, and identify the people. I sincerely feel sorry that without the knowledge of our body by which do act, achieve, conquer, its going to of no use acquiring knowledge in science and technology.

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Though we rule the world with the help of science and technology, the lack of knowledge about our BRAIN, which is considered to be the SUPER COMPUTER is really sad on our part. The encyclopedia of living values, THIRUKKURAL clearly says that excess of food we take or the lesser the intake leads to diseases.

As a Neurologist, I wish to give a detailed presentation about the diseases caused by the Brain and outcome of the lack of knowledge about our Brain in the coming weeks.

Human Being is a combination of Body, Soul and Mind, which need to be united in thoughts and actions. Mind plays a dual role of a friend and an enemy to our body. It is we to decide, whether our mind should be a friend or an enemy. Truly all wish to live a healthy and longer life with no diseases.

I wish to take up the task of enlighting everyone to a maximum level to know about the nature of our Brain, its activities, its needs, the ways to main and use it for a healthier life.

Firstly, I wish to take up the issue of PARALYSIS, which more prevalent in the present days. What is PARALYSIS, how is it caused, the ways to avoid it. Let’s wait till next week…….


Dr. A. VENI, M.D.,D.M.,(Neuro)

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