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The most important organ or part of our body is the BRAIN. Brain performs the commanding work and in short to say, without Brain, none of our body parts can function. It is the central processing Unit of our body. Our body can function ONLY if the brain functions properly.

Brain is an organ or a part of our body which really UNIQUE and it is safely guarded into the skull. Brain differs from male and female in terms of size, weight, its efficiency and function. For example, the weight of female brain will be around 1350 grams and the male will be around 1450 grams. The uniqueness of the brain that the left part of the brain controls  right side of our body. If the left side our brain gets affected, the right side parts of our body like hand, fingers and the limb fails.

The blood needed for the function of the brain is pumped and supplied through blood vessels. There should be proper and sustained blood flow to the brain and if the supply of blood is blocked for more than 3 seconds, the brain will fail to function.

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Hence, PARALYSIS or stroke is caused by blockage of blood to the brain or leakage of blood in the brain due to bursting of the blood vessels. So, Paralysis is just nothing but paralyzing one part of our body. If paralysis / stroke is caused by blockage of blood in the supply vessels, it can be treated, if brought to the doctor within four and half hours. If caused by leakage or burst in the blood vessels, it can be treated only after diagnosis of the cause.

Paralysis / stroke can be identified by few symptoms like unable to speak properly, partial loss of vision, hands and limbs fail to cooperate, short memory loss, double vision, walking turns difficult, loss of sense, and giddiness. If paralysis occurs to 100 persons, 30% gets cured, other 30% regains 50-90% of activity, another 30% gets cured only to 10-50% and the rest 10% expire within a month.

Paralysis, unlike like other diseases or ailments but affects the entire family as paralysis commonly affects the male. When a male is affected by paralysis/stroke, he goes immobile, unable to earn and take care of his family and finally if expires, the whole family is affected as the family is dependent on him.

Why does Paralysis/ stroke occur, what causes this disease and what are the ways to prevent Paralysis/ stroke? Let us see in the next part.


Dr. A. VENI, M.D.,D.M.,(Neuro)

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