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‘Menstrual Man’ – ARUNACHALAM MURUGANANDAM of Tamil Nadu honoured by ‘PAD MAN’

சந்தா 1
Arunachalam Muruganandam

The movie ‘PAD MAN’ released this week has been a box office hit with good welcome in the places released. Starred by AKSHAY KUMAR, PAD MAN is a movie which emphasises the importance of the use of sanitary napkins used by women at the time of menstruation and has a focus to remove the stigma on menstruation.

Menstruation, though a natural biological process for all women, it has a stigma all around the world. In earlier days, the use of clothes, sarees, jute sheets, even sand and ash were in practice at the time of menstruation, which had caused serious ailments to the women. Of late, sanitary napkins were introduced which was considered expensive and the use of napkins were only by educated and rich women. The cost of napkins was a barrier to the women folk and the awareness was also feeble.

Arunachalam with his low cost Napkin manufacturing machine

The use of napkins is the only way to protect the women from ailments and embarrassment, but the awareness, availability, cost were the prime obstacles. ARUNACHALAM MURUGANANDAM, of coimbatore, Tamil Nadu made a simpler machine to produce low cost napkins, which was accepted widely , providing earning potential to the self-help groups and the NGOs.

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His machine was marketed and supplied to all parts of India, especially to rural areas, which made, even the school girls to use napkins, as school going girls were feeling embarrassed during the menstrual  time.

Now as science, technology and education has provided a vast awareness about the usage of sanitary napkins, still the stigma on menstruation prevails widely.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka are the few states which has achieved 90% usage of napkins and few states like Bihar, Jharkand, uttarkand still stays behind with just 30% usage. The cost effective, bio-/degradable disposable pad is the real only solution that could help the women folk from menstrual embarrassment.

PAD MAN movie poster

The movie, PAD MAN, was popularized by Akshay Kumar by posting a selfie with sanitary napkin on the social media and also few other stars followed the same.

However, Arunachalam Muruganandam has been felicitated by launch of this movie, who was called the ‘Menstrual Man’ as he dedicated himself to bring out an awareness on the use of sanitary napkins at a very lost cost.

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