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Proposed to close non-profit stations-Trichy Railway Division

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Trichy Railway Division has planned to close down non-profit stations to cut down losses incurred due to poor response and to increase the speed of trains. Railways stations like Kuthalam, Papanasam, Vaitheeswaran koil, and Aaduthurai on the main line and Panruti station on the chord line are likely to be closed shortly as per per the feed back and report by the experts.They would identify the stations and the list would be sent to the operations department which would be forwarded to the headquarters for further action.

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Sources clarify that Trichy Railway Division has begun the process of preparing the list of non-profit making stations. According to a railway notification, an express train with coaches ranging from 18 to 24 which runs at about 100 kmph would take six minutes to pick up speed. This would take an additional 8 minutes for the train and the loco needs either 106 to 118 litres of diesel or 130 to 182 kW of power for the purpose. Hence, closing down of ‘Uneconomical stations’ lies with the patronage of the commuters,both on income wise and usage of the station for boarding and alighting.




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