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Educated are Jobless than the Uneducated – survey

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In India,more Educated are Jobless than the uneducated, says a survey. Associate professor of ‘The centre for social and economical changes‘ Indrajith Bairakkia revealed a survey report that In india, more youth who are jobless are educated than the uneducated. The number of Jobless youth keeps increasing as they don’t find Jobs to their education and moreover the salary offered do not match their requirements. further more, in developed states the the number of Jobs available is less than the educated Youth who seek jobs, hence the joblessness prevails. The survey also reveals that skilled uneducated do get jobs and they are employed either in organised or unorganised sectors. The educated youth in developed states wait for the best Job offer, since they do not have any commitments like supporting their family. The survey also suggests that skilled education is more needed apart from academic education so as to eradicate Jobless condition.

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