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Students design Bluetooth-based attendance tracking software

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Students of MVJ College of Engineering have designed a Bluetooth-based attendance-tracking system called ‘BT Proxy’. As the name suggests, it helps track a student’s whereabouts in the classroom, with the help of a low-energy Bluetooth module embedded in identity cards.

As students walk into the classroom, the teacher will open an application on his or her smartphone and activate the ‘scan’ button. The app will show a message stating “discovery started”, and will detect all the signals sent out by identity card chips, which have been linked to a University Serial Number. The battery in the Bluetooth module is expected to run for an entire year.

Gautam D. Hariharan, a third-year computer science student, said he along with three of his friends Akhilesh Sridhar of the Electronics Department, Narein Rao of the Computer Science Department, and Jason Joy Manoj who belongs to the Industrial Engineering Department, developed this as a project during a competition last year.

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“We started thinking of a foolproof method to capture attendance records after some students went on a strike last year as they were not allowed to sit for their examinations owing to attendance shortage,” said Gautam.

According to Akhilesh, although the college has introduced bio-metric attendance, many students resorted to malpractices by being proxies for their classmates and using imprints of fingerprints on dried glue.“We wanted to ensure that the entire attendance system is handled by a machine and there is very little manual intervention. All the ID cards will be scanned and registered on the app,” said Mr. Gautam, and added that teachers would only have to do a headcount to ensure that none of the students brings the identity card of a friend.“The system will be implemented across the college for the 2018–19 academic year, depending on logistics and feedback from teachers and students,” said Ms. Brindha, the vice-principal.



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