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Madras HC CJ condemns the act of the traffic Inspector

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Traffic Inspector Kamaraj, Who kicked the two-wheeler in which a couple, Raja and Usha were travelling without helmet, where Usha died on the spot.  As Raja was travelling with his wife without a helmet from Tanjore to Trichy, the Police Inspector-traffic, getting annoyed kicked the bike, which made Raja to loose control and Usha fell on the road and died on the spot, near BHEL-Ganesa round about on the Trichy – Tanjore main road. On seeing the act of the traffic Inspector, passersby and the public rescued Raja and Usha to Thuvakudy GH. The saddest part is that, Usha was pregnant (3months) after 10 years. As this news spread, more than 1000 people gathered demading the arrest of the Inspector and seeking justice. With a large number of crowd gathered and the road blocked for more than 3 hours, the Police resorted a heavy lathi charge in which more than 50 people were injured.

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This matter was brought to the knowledge of the chief justice Indira Banerjee by advocate Ashwanthaaman, CJ expressed her condolense and condemned the act of the traffic police Inspector and told that it was equivalent to criminal activity.

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