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  Kerala has killed many ‘Madhus’

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      Kerala has killed many ‘Madhus’

Kerala society has killed many ‘Madhus’ in the past and Madhu is not the last of a tribesperson to be thus murdered. Tribes people were considered expendable by the so-called civilized society, said Narayan, the author of the novel Kocharethi, at a session on Writing from the Margins at the Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors. He was referring to the attack on Madhu, a tribal youth at Attappadi in Palakkad a few weeks ago.

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Anyone could rob the tribes  person of his land as he has no documents to back his claims. Besides, the larger society was strong enough to chase him out of his land, he said at the session with writer Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar. Mr. Narayan appealed to those who attempted to write on the lives of tribespeople to study their life conditions.

Shekhar spoke on the difficulties he had faced as a writer from within the community and expressed the opinion that there was no need to differentiate creative writing under different labels.


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