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9 Kg Tumour removed at GH – Chennai

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Doctors at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GH), chennai  removed a mass weighing 9 kg that had developed in a man’s right kidney over the course of some 15 years.

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The patient, Mohan Raj, 38, works in an orphanage in the city and had spinal cord problems. He had visited several hospitals, both private and government, but was not able to be operated as he had been told the surgery was very risky, said Ajay Chandrasekar at GH’s surgical oncology department. The tumour was so large, Dr. Chandrasekar explained, that it occupied the entire abdomen, displacing Raj’s bowels and making the entire abdomen distended.

His right kidney was not functioning due to it. When he arrived at the GH a month ago in pain, doctors evaluated him and readied him for surgery. This process took about a month as his blood count was low, said Dr. Chandrasekar. On March 15, the operation took place, led by the head of the surgical oncology department, R. Balasubramanian.

During the course of the procedure that took more than six hours, the mass, along with the right kidney where it had grown, was removed. “The patient’s left kidney is functional. Eventually, the bowel should move back into place,” said Dr. Chandrasekar. The surgery was performed free of cost, said Dr. Chandrasekar. The patient has recovered and is expected to be discharged in a few days.

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