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More Special Schools Shows More Awareness on Autism

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As the world observes World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, doctors felt that the awareness about autism had grown by leaps and bounds in Trichy. “There are a lot of special schools in the city which is a major indication of how aware people are about autism in the district,” and many parents were now able to identify the characteristics of the developmental disorder among children and were bringing them to the centres at an early age. Awareness among people about autism was low in the rural areas. “Autism can be detected in a child as early as from three to six months. Early intervention is absolutely crucial for effective prognosis,”

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If children with autism were given proper treatment and education from the age of two to four, they could be safe,. “Many parents who have children with autism wish to admit their son or daughter in a regular school. They should know that only if the child was given proper treatment from two to four years that he/ she could attend a regular school without much difficulty”.

Those with autism should be trained for employability based on what they kept doing repeatedly. Technology-related jobs – like software and hardware fields – and creativity-based jobs like singing, playing musical instruments and painting were suited for those with autism.

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