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Just two engineering institutions top the NIRF list

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The NIRF ranking process is an initiative started by MHRD three years ago. The executive committee member, consortium of self-financing professional arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu M A Maluk states that all engineering colleges cannot be judged under the same platform, he said that engineering colleges should be categorised based on various parameters. For instance, an institute of eminence cannot be compared with a college which is comparatively new. It is disappointing to find that NIRF has restricted the list to 200 colleges, leaving out others. Every institute has the rights to know where it stands. He also questioned the parameters which was mostly faculty centric leaving out contribution of the institutions. A five-year-old institute may not have all the faculty members with PhD, he said.

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Except for National Institute of Technology – NIT and SASTRA University, Thanjavur, none of the engineering colleges in the central region could make it to the NIRF ranking 2018, when none of the engineering colleges could make it in the list except for the two colleges, which raises questions on the quality of technical institutions in the region.

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