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Beat the Heat with Plenty of water and Fresh Juices


As the summer is already at its peak with mercury crossing 100 degree F, it is very necessary to keep the body hydrated and cool. Due to high temperatures, water level in the human body reduces resulting in dehydration which may lead to unconsciousness, low / high blood pressure. To beat the heat, the basic necessity is to have more intake of water. Apart from water, it is advisable to take adequate fresh juices, which will manage to provide needed nutrients, lost due to summer heat.

As the summer inches towards its peak, juice sales have also picked up in Trichy with some outlets recording almost double what they sold last summer. Fruit and juice sellers say that muskmelon juice has been topping the popularity chart in the city with pomegranate coming in second.
With muskmelon juice price hiked to Rs 30 from Rs 20 and pomegranate Rs 60 from Rs 40, vendors have been making a quick buck. Customers for for melons as they are rich in water content while pomegranate contains high levels of antioxidants. Apart from the sale of sugarcane juice, palm fruit and lassi also have become popular among the people this summer. Apart from fresh juice centres and roadside juice vendors, outlets in hotels also have been remaining packed throughout the day with the mercury levels rising.


Though it is better have fruit juices, the best nourishment is eating the fruit as a whole. But since very few people do that, we should at least drink fresh juice during summer to avoid heat-related diseases.


Doctors say that fresh juices are better than stale juices and definitely better than sugar-filled sodas and the so-called health drinks filled with harmful chemicals. It is advisable to  drink fresh juice, particularly those extracted from our native breeds, as it is a great way to hydrate because of the water content and electrolytes. Since the nutrients from the juice enter our cells in 20 minutes, it is the most nutritious and ultimate fast food.

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