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With the rainy season slowly starting to gain pace in Trichy district, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd., (TANGEDCO), Trichy Metro Circle, has come up with a list of advisories for the general public to follow in order to avoid injuries or death due to electrical accidents.

The officials mentioned that deaths due to electrical accidents happen generally more only during the rainy seasons and that it’s often due to the lack of protective measures followed by the people and due to certain misconceptions and wrong practices.

According to Rajendra Vijay, executive engineer (operations and maintenance) Trichy Metro Circle, several of the electrical accidents during rainy season was due to the fact that many people still do not know that it’s unsafe to stand near transformers, electrical poles or stay wires. He added that all of these have higher possibilities of either explosion or catching fire during rains. Transformers during rainy seasons sometimes could discharge higher current, or water could seep in and mix with transformer oil or there could be a short circuit of two lines in a transformer – all of this could lead to transformer explosion. Apart from this, the officials also asked people to never stand in a puddle of water as live wire might be in it and also asked them to never stand near transformers, electrical poles or under tree during thunder/lightings.

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Another wrong practice by people according to the officials, despite repeated warnings, is the usage of certain electrical/ electronic devices during thunder and lightning. “Generally, if a thunder or lightning falls on a particular transmission line, high amount of current flows in it for a short period of time. Television, cell phone etc., can accept only a certain voltage limit, but in rare cases, due to the higher flow of current in that particular transmission line, the electric/ electronic item might explode when the accepted limit is crossed,” an official from TANGEDCO said. It’s been said that devices that have two-pin plugs are more vulnerable than the three-pin plugs.

TANGEDCO also urged people to notify them if they’re cutting tree branches at their houses. They said that if live wires pass through the tree, during rainy times, the wires could cause shock through the tree.

When it comes to cattle, the general public has been advised to not tie the animals on electrical poles. Houses and buildings which use high amount of electricity have also been urged to fit Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. Also, they have also asked the public to stop the practice of drying clothes between electric poles and stay wires.

Speaking about the protection measures TANGEDCO has been doing to ensure the electrical accidents are reduced during the rainy seasons, officials said that several damaged poles had been repaired over the past few weeks and that lose stay wires were constantly being identified and tightened.

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