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It has been a week since schools reopened after the quarterly exams, but students of classes 9 and 11 are still awaiting textbooks that should have ideally reached them at the time of reopening. The state government had introduced a new curriculum for both the classes from this year along with classes 1 and 6.

Sources recalled that it was the delay in printing that caused the delayed disbursal of volume -1 of the textbooks in June this year during the start of the academic year. Now students have been made to wait for volume – 2 of their textbooks also after reopening of schools. “Students of class 11 are feeling the heat as they are awaiting board exam,” said the headmaster of a government higher secondary school in Trichy where most of the schools have not received volume – 2 of their textbooks for chemistry, mathematics and history.

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“While e-books are available online and teachers are taking classes after taking printout of the books, students need textbooks to revise what has been taught in the classroom,” said Trichy district president, Tamil Nadu Promoted Post Graduate Teachers Association (TNPPGTA), M Kumaravel. “The large content of the book is cited as a reason by the school education department for the delayed printing. Same is the case across the state,” he said.

Saying that the case was no different for class 9 for which science textbooks for the second term were yet to reach the schools, Tamil Nadu Aasiryar Munnetra Sangam’s K Uduman Ali said that out of the three terms for class 9, the second term was the shortest with less working days. “While the second term has already started, students are yet to receive text books. We may not be able to complete the syllabus by the end of November as the second term exams will start in the first week of December,” he said.

Speaking to TOI, Trichy chief educational officer M Ramakrishnan said that textbooks were being distributed as and when they were received from the government. Teachers had been asked to print e-textbooks available online where schools were yet to receive it. Saying that unavailability of textbooks will not affect classes in any way, he said that the last few chapters of volume -1 were being taught in most of the schools. “We expect to receive volume 2 when the need arises,” he said.

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