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With clogging of underground drainage (UGD) lines becoming frequent, residents of Cantonment have urged the civic body to replace the decades-old UGD sewers in their vicinity. As the existing sewers are quite narrow to handle the waste water gushing out of commercial establishments, mostly hotels, blockages lead to sewage seeping out into the arterial roads connecting central bus stand.

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Falling under wards 44, 46, and 47 of K Abishekapuram and Ponmalai zones, roads including Williams Road, Royals Road, and VOC Road frequently witness blockages in the UGD chambers. Since solid waste such as napkins is suspended in the waste water, the seepage from the UGD chambers of Cantonment floods the streets letting out a nauseating smell. As the diameter of the existing UGD sewers is 300 mm, the UGD lines established before 1987 are under stress while discharging the waste water to the pumping stations. “At least once a week, we see men involved in clearing the blockage in UGD chambers. If the sewers have become old and are incapable of discharging the drainage, the civic body should have replaced the drainage lines by now,” V Gopikrishnan, a resident of Cantonment locality said.

It is pointed out the overflowing UGD chambers close to Central bus stand and Williams Road create a bad impression about the city among thousands of visitors thronging these areas. Eateries on the stretch have also been accused of dumping solid waste including flour and food waste clogging the UGD chambers. Officials said that plans have been chalked out for replacing the 30-year-old UGD lines of Cantonment under phase II and phase III of the ongoing and upcoming UGD projects. “Diameter of the UGD pipe and the size of the UGD chamber will be increased to meet the present and future requirements. A portion of UGD phase II works has already commenced and the existing Cantonment’s UGD network will soon be revamped under the same phase. A few parts such as Williams Road will be taken up under UGD phase III,” an official with Trichy corporation said.

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