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Young women in Solar accessories assembling

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Amoor-Trichirapalli District women groups and a Trichy based NGO SEVAI( Savitha Sridaran, Founder/CEO of Orora Global for receiving Innovative Leadership Award of Clean Energy leadership Institute.Amoor-Trichirapalli District women groups are grateful to Savitha Sridharan for support for the support given to them for better quality of life improvement and also empowerment of women communities in Amoor cluster. Shanthi a women skill trainer as trained by Orora said,“Orora provides access to reliable renewable energy our communities focusing on individual families with affordable and reliable energy solutions; including lighting, circulation and cell phone charging.Oraro provided‘entrepreneurial opportunity’ for us”. The Renewable Energy Training Center in SEVAI Centre Amoor was inaugurated by Mr. Andiappan Bala from Indian Institute of Technology Alumni on Jan 5, 2018 and we are extremely motivated to learn and have so far been able to bring high speed internet access to the rural communities.

We learnt basic practical engineering skills and apply them to fix any electronic appliance. We are also trained in Accounting and book keeping and marketing our products. We as Women are empowered in our ability to enjoy our right to control and benefit from the resources, assets, income and our own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being. We were also able to cope up with life coping skills such as gender training combined with other key elements to integrate the power dimension and skills development into gender training with survival and development skills training. Thanks for the support extended by Orora headed by Savitha Sridaran.We are still to produce fans and we are in the process”-concluded by Shanthi.

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Savitha Sridharan states, “Orora Global, Inc. has leveraged state-of-the-art technology to develop a suite of products–all solar powered, to present impoverished individuals and communities with energy solutions. Our programs are designed to create more opportunities for women in clean energy and in building innovative, renewable solutions which provide a holistic and a long-term approach to community development. My commitment focuses on empowering women from rural communities with soft skills, helping them to become leaders within their communities.  Working in remote towns on such a fundamental issue as providing electricity, and hence, empowerment to women, echoes with my belief of making a difference. We have one dream for them–to create a safe environment for families and help the homeless communities to thrive in these regions by building off-grid homes with solar power. The communities

can learn the skill of building homes through community participatory design and installing solar products, which can provide people with means for economic livelihoods, thereby creating truly sustainable communities. A low-cost solar solution that helps power a home in a rural community is the aim of Orora Global. Our target is to train our enterprising women in rural India to be community leaders in several aspects of solar to be ready for lighting up their own communities”.-Kris

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