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JLGs in Amoor are under training in solar products manufacture training

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JLGs are created on a similar pattern of SHG (Self Help Groups). JLG consists of a group of 4 – 10 individuals who are engaged in similar business, formed with the purpose of availing loan through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee. Solar lights, energizer for cell phone chargers; solar fans are being produced in a couple of JLGs in Amoor, SEVAI centre .The group is also eligible for accessing separate individual loans from the financing bank. In such an arrangement each group member is jointly and severally liable for repayment of all loans taken by all individuals in the group).This JLG functions as one borrowing unit under NABARDS. It is eligible for accessing one loan, which could be combined credit requirement of all its members. A simple loan application is submitted by the JLG to the bank. The individual members of JLG become eligible for bank loan after the bank verifies the individual members’ credentials. Another model, JLGs that undertake savings apart from credit are required to maintain books of accounts. They may also be graded by banks on the basis of performance parameters. However, the quantum of credit need not be linked to groups’ savings as in the case of SHGs. The credit requirements for the group may be worked out based on combined credit plan needs of individual members. It is resolved by groups to approach loans to set it up a solar product production unit under JLG scheme after receiving the comprehensive training in solar products manufacture. – Kris

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