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SEVAI: Tree Plantation and woodlot improvement

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SEVAI a Trichy based Non-Profit NGO promotes tree plantation in Thottiyapatty region watershed region, as supported by Society General. With the involvement of Village farmers SEVAI planted trees on the vacant places in Thottiyapatty cluster of villages. In a training session of farmers on the importance of tree plantation and woodlot conservation, SEVAI Director, K.Govindaraju spoke among the farmers as, “Importance of trees, forests and the green cover of the earth are well known.

Trees and woodlots are our best and most valuable friends and they play a very vital role in the growth and development of human society. They are also important for animals, birds and others forms of life. Without oxygen, we cannot live; the animal world will die away. Trees make the oxygen and spread it in the air. While inhaling air we take the oxygen with it into our bodies and live in life. Trees give people fruits, flowers, medicines, fuel, timber, shelter and many other things. Woodlots prevent floods, droughts, famines, soil-erosion, land-slides, desertification etc. they work as a great force and instrument in maintaining ecological balance in nature. Woodlots prevent pollution and keep the atmosphere fresh, lively and vibrating and the trees are part and parcel of our environment. Trees are our wealth on planet Earth. Our food too comes from trees. Trees keep up the ecological balance in our ecosystems on earth. Not only man, but all life forms depend on trees. Depletion of forest wealth should be stopped at once and depletion of woodlots has caused many serious problems such as floods, droughts, famines, unpredictable rainfalls, soil erosion, desertification and landslides.

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Because lack of trees and forests, the water cannot be absorbed in the earth and so there are floods and soil-erosion. Forests are very valuable and renewable resources of nature and must be protected and preserved at all costs. Students in schools and colleges should be inspired and motivated to plant and protect trees. The influence and impact of trees on all living beings including man is very soothing and pleasant. Plantation and protection of tree is a great creative activity. With increasing patterns of climate change and variability, water resources for agriculture may become more unpredictable. The possibilities of decreased precipitation and increased competition for water resources will be especially important for farmers who depend on rain fed agriculture. Trees keep up the ecological balance in our ecosystems on earth. Not only man, but all life forms depend on trees. We want to save our planet and all life forms. So we need to protect our trees. We all need to come together in the cause of saving trees around the world. A green world is a safe world for all of life. If we destroy trees we destroy ourselves. Trees also keep down the heat on Earth. If there are no trees the heat on the planet will be intolerable. When trees are felled on a large scale in an area there is a destruction and loss of habitat. When trees are destroyed there is a greater concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas a greater concentration of the gas leads to greater warming of the planet. Besides, greater levels of air pollution have occurred due to various man made reasons causing higher carbon dioxide levels in the air. The presence of shade cover in agro forestry systems is capable of reducing overall evaporative demand from soil evaporation, therefore offering a higher level of crop protection for farmers with agricultural vulnerability to reduced water resources for certain crops”.-Govin

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