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And So Can You book review

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‘Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.’
About the book: And So Can You is the book about seventeen doctors and their inspiring journey towards success. It contains seventeen stories one for each doctor. The book is authored by Dr.Roopleen, one of the leading eye sergeant and the author of four other books.
And So Can You is one of the unique books you would read. Most of the inspirational books speaks about achievers in business or history, but Dr.Roopleen has taken a unique step in bringing out success stories of Doctors from different fields.
Initially one might get an impression that what a doctor’s story might have to inspire, but Dr.Roopleen proved that wrong. And So Can You, is one of the best inspirational book I have read in recent times. Each and every story brings in tons of motivation and advice.
The general idea about physicians is that they live a lavish life, they charge high fee and they don’t care about the patients. But, And So Can You will change that perspective of every reader. Dr.Roopleen has captured the struggles the physician face, the care they show on patients and their love towards their profession. This book has the capability to change the bad impression on Doctors.
Right from the introduction Dr.Roopleen peppers inspiration throughout.
Every story starts with a quote on life and ends with advice to young doctors. The take away listed towards the end of each story is another dose of motivation. Apart from the quote and the advice each story carries inspirational words from the doctors themselves.
The narration is simple. Dr.Roopleen has used lucid language to make everyone capture the essence of the stories. It was like a documentary, as each story carries the doctor’s own words about their experience. The stories are realistic. Dr.Roopleen hasn’t exaggerated anything beyond reality, that’s the success of the story. Each reader can compare the stories with their real life to find resemblance.
Each story carries a title on life like Tenacity, Ever Onward, Self Belief, Bouncing Back,Fighting Spirit, Perseverance, Passion, Never Give Up, Fire in the belly, Positive Attitude, Resilience, Firm Resolve, Determination, Fortitude, Courage, Survival Instinct, Never Say Die. These titles tells what’s necessary to achieve our goals.
Though the stories are about doctors, the advice given by them and the life lessons they teach are useful to general readers as well. Off course the book is a must read for all the medical students. The book has the power to impress students to take up the noble profession.
As Dr.Roopleen herself is an ophthalmologist, most of the stories are about ophthalmologists. But, it doesn’t limit the content it wants to deliver. The struggles and the hard work each physician teaches is a life lesson to learn and practice.
The book’s cover is attractive and the pages are designed to perfection.
The title pages are glossy which would impress the readers. A perfectly designed book with perfect content.
One might find few repeated advice, but the motivation it gives makes up for it. A must read for medicine students, as well as aspiring doctors.
General reader might find it useful as well, because of its tons of positivity.

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