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It’s a golden era for the Indian literature, especially debutants are steering Indian literature to the next level. Bhavani Iyer is the new find in the drive. Anon, her first work has justified the effort taken by her.
Right from the name Anon is different and thoughtful. Anon, the short form of Anonymous (Off course author herself has given a tag line After all what’s in a name?). Anon is one of the finest example of literature at its best.
The characterization is the top-notch. One can relate at least one situation or character to their life. Bhavani Iyer has sketched both the protagonists with at most care. The emotional bond a reader gets while reading the story is exceptional. The words that capture the emotions stand out.
The author has brought the visuals of the 60s and 70s Calcutta through words, one can understand the art and culture of it. Anon is a fine example of art with fiction. The flow of the story doesn’t deviate anywhere. Anon take some time to plant the characters and their background in the reader’s mind. Once the story moves to Santiniketan, there is no turning back. It’s unpredictable and deep, especially the end was a surprise. Few readers might find it realistic, other few might find it unacceptable.
Anon scores high in being realistic and being emotional. I enjoyed the flow of the story and the emotional journey. Despite a surprise end, Anon is a must read for literature lovers, those who values emotion.
The social message that carried throughout the novel is the cherry on the cake. Bhavani Iyer has worded the struggles faced by people in their daily life, the outcome and the effects with apt situations. Though the messages are peppered throughout the novel, it doesn’t stop the flow of the story.
The end is justifying and realistic. The message it conveys stands out. Lucid language and less than 250 pages make it a short and sweet read. One of the best novels by Bhavani Iyer.

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