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Trichy: Foggy roads are quite common in the morning hours of November, but the residents of Ponnagar have to wade through ‘fog’ even at noon owing to indiscriminate burning of waste mounds. Waste collected by the sanitary workers from residents in Karumandapam and Ponnagar lands along the roads in residential areas instead of heading to micro compost centres. The residents allege that the sanitary workers set on fire the garbage, polluting the entire area.

According to C Balasubramanian, a resident of Selvanagar in Karumandapam, waste collected from residents is burnt through the day. “Though the women sanitary workers collect waste from the residents, trucks are not coming to our vicinity to ferry the collected waste. This has led to sanitary workers burning waste on the roads,” Balasubramanian told .

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This is happening along Ponnagar, Selvanagar, and parts of Karumandapam falling under K Abishekapuram zone. Residents alleged that sanitary workers who clean the streets are also burning waste along the roads, particularly near the compound walls of the houses. This practice is damaging the private properties besides contaminating the air in the residential areas. “Not only in Karumandapam, but in Cantonment falling under Ponmalai zone we can see waste, including plastic is burnt on roads,” Balasubramanian said.

Sanitary officials with the corporation, when contacted, said that they will take action against the practice of sanitary workers burning waste on roads.

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