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TRICHY: Biologists have noticed an increase in migration of butterflies and moths in Patchamalai and adjoining areas this year. While, the last three months in a year observes increase in population of moths and butterflies in general, two rare moth species  have been recorded for the first time near Patchamalai in Mettupalayam village and in Pattukottai of Thanjavur district by city-based wildlife biologist Q Ashoka Chakkaravarthy.

With this, total moth species have been sighted so far in the region, said Chakkaravarthy. Recorded for the first time in this region, Trigonodes Genus Moth was sighted in Mettupalayam village near Trichy.

Chakkaravarthy, who has been into Lepidoptera research since 2013, said that much research has not been done on various moth species in this region. Terming the sighting of Trigonodes Genus Moth to be significant, Chakkaravarthy said that Patchamalai is proving to be conducive to these winged visitors as the numbers are going up every year.

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Speaking about the second rare species, Diaphania Genus moth that he recorded near Thanjavur, he said that this moth was also known as ‘cucumber moth’, which is considered one of the oldest moth species in the world.

With a wingspan of about 30mm, adults have translucent whitish wings with broad dark brown borders, there is a tuft of light brown ‘hairs’ on the tip of the abdomen, which is an added physical feature of this moth specie, he said.

Besides moths, a couple of butterfly species were also spotted in Patchamalai after a long time. Black Rajah (Charaxes solon) butterfly, which are found in Western Ghats, Maharashtra and north eastern states were spotted near Kannapadi village in the foothills of Patchamalai.

Belonging to Nymphalidae family (brush-footed butterfly family), this species can only fly at a lower altitude. Leaf Blue Butterfly (Amblypodia anita) was also recorded at Pachamalai foothills of Eastern Ghats, which usually prefers dry tracts and undisturbed forests.

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