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Trichy: In view of the coming Cyclone Pheitha, the district administrations of coastal districts have requested the general public, especially farmers, to follow precautionary measures to minimise losses from the flash floods and and strong winds.

As a first step, existing fields, standing crops as well as coconut groves, should have drainage facilities. Excess water from the land should be drained out by creating channels as soon as possible after flooding. In the case of paddy crops, entire water should be drained from the field.

Coconut trees should be trimmed from the top and branches near houses and cattle sheds should be cleared. To minimise the weight at the top of nut bearing trees such as tender coconuts and fronds, they should be plucked.

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Farmers should register themselves with the insurance scheme by just paying a premium of Rs 2.25 per coconut tree aged between 4 and 15 years and Rs 3.5 for coconut trees between 16 and 30 years.

Farmers have been advised to shift animals, machinery and farm equipment to high ground in flood-prone areas and secure livestock sheds. It is also advisable for the farmers to monitor the crops which are on flood-prone areas to avoid losses during flooding. Farmers can also move planting materials to higher grounds so that they can be used after the flood has receded.

People have been advised to be careful while crossing culverts and other waterways during floods and keep their family members and livestock away from them.

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