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Pudukottai: C Saravanan, a secondary grade teacher, has been going around schools in the district with a bag full of saplings for the last few days asking students to make planting saplings a hobby. He has been educating children on the importance of leading an eco-friendly life by avoiding the usage of plastics.

Since Tuesday, the birth anniversary of Tamil poet Bharathiyar, Saravanan, a teacher at the Mangudi panchayat union primary school (PUPS), has been cycling across schools in Pudukottai district and has covered over 130 km and 14 schools that include schools in Pulvayal, Perunchunai and Keelapalavanchi in the district. He plans to expand it to neighbouring districts as well.

“Educating children on eradicating the use of plastics and at the same time plant as many trees as possible is the need of the hour,” he said.

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Saravanan started leading an organic life inspired by speeches of ecological crusader G Nammalvar at the Pudukottai town hall every year on Gandhi Jayanthi. Saravanan has been part of many sapling plantation drives, even during his college days with the help of his teachers whom considers an inspiration.

“I distributed over 1,000 saplings to those who attended my marriage in 2014. Since then, promoting sapling plantation has become a way of life,” he said. He is raising over 50 saplings in his school with the help of his students. Besides, he is also maintaining a rooftop garden with the help of his wife.

“It is encouraging to find most children aware of the harms of plastic. While digital technology has played a vital role, it is pivotal to inculcate the habit of avoiding its usage,” he added.

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