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Trichy: To improve the safety along the approach road of the two-lane bridge across Koraiyar river on Trichy-Dindigul highway, which was opened recently, the state highways department has planned to establish medians on both the ends of the bridge to regulate traffic.

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Traffic bottlenecks were frequent on the State Highways (SHU 154), which branches off from Trichy Junction Rail over Bridge (RoB) and passes through the populated Ponnagar and Karumandapam localities. To ease traffic on the road, the state highways department constructed a new two-lane bridge parallel to the existing bridge at an estimated cost of Rs 5.39 crore. The work started in March 2016, and the bridge was opened for traffic a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the new bridge is being utilised by vehicles heading to Dindigul while the old bridge is used by vehicles entering the city.

Further to ensure the safety of vehicles, the state highways department said that median will be established for a distance of 270 metres on both northern and southern ends. “Median and a kerb wall have been proposed to build without affecting the decades-old Vagai tree (Albizia lebbeck) near the bridge. The work will begin in a month,” a senior official with the state highways department told TOI. Median for a length of 150 metre will be established on Thayanur end, while a similar structure for a length of 120 metre will be installed on Karumandapam end of the new bridge.

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