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Trichy: As the deadline for banning one-time usable plastic products announced by the state government nears, a private food outlet in Thuraiyur town in the district has announced concession for customers carrying parceled food items in vessels.

To promote behavioural change, the food stall has said that customers will be given 10% concession from their total bill for takeaways provided they bring vessels to carry the food items home.

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A majority of food outlets in the city as well as in district pack food items in thin plastic sheets while the semi-liquid dishes are either packed in aluminium foil or in plastic covers. With the ban, proposed by state government to avoid using one-time use plastic, coming in to effect from January 2019, eateries will have to find an alternate to parcel food items. Meanwhile, a fast food outlet in Palakkarai locality of Thuraiyur town has displayed poster mentioning that customers will be given concession for carrying parceled food items in vessels. “Even the aluminium foils we use for packing gravy items are found unhealthy by our customers. So we thought of encouraging locals to avoid plastic and other non-biodegradable items by providing a concession for customers visiting with their own vessels,” T Sivakumar, proprietor of Saravana Fast Foods in Thuraiyur said.

Sivakumar stated that customers would be given a 10% discount from their total bill only if they bring vessels and wire or cloth bags along to carry the parceled food items. With as many as 150 people visiting the outlet each day, around 40% of them were said to be placing parcel orders. “Launched on Tuesday, support from locals is important. Such concession will also persuade other food outlets to abandon plastic products to safeguard our environment,” Sivakumar added.

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