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While money is an essential resource, it’s our skills, health, knowledge, attitude, and relationships that are our real capital.
About the book: The Art of Fully Living, is a book about an ordinary man setting 100 extraordinary goals and achieving it in 10 years. How the process helped him in achieving success in life. It is a 264 pages of self-realisation journey.
The Review:
Life is an adventure, but it stays as an adventure on paper. Very few takes this adventure seriously and lives it to the fullest. Tal Gur is among those few. He has travelled the world in 10 years.
He has lived the life that only few dare to live. The Art of Fully Living is his journey around the world in 10 years which he achieved through 100 goals.
The story starts with Tal living an ideal corporate life, high paying job with conventional success. Soon Tal realized that he was unhappy with how he was living his life and he became true to himself.
He decided that he would live his dreams, put up with his goals. Thus created a beautiful, meaningful and inspirational journey. There are many self-esteem books out there, which explains goal setting and how to achieve them. But most of them fail to give life examples or step by step instructions on how to achieve them.
The Art of Fully Living is quite different, Tal Gur explains goal setting and
achieving them through his life adventures. Most of them are explained step by step which is the highlight of the book. From goal setting to achieving them, from facing the fear to sticking to the goal Tal Gur explains things with practical examples.
Though Tal Gur’s adventures sound alien to an ordinary man, the way he plans and achieves it makes us realise how one can make impossible possible. It definitely was a good read with lots of helpful tips and beautiful quotes that were very relatable.
On the other hand I couldn’t really find myself in Gur’s life goals. My goals in life are more like getting a job I love so I can pay the bills, see a bit of the world and be happy with what I already have.
The goals in the book were a lot more extravagant than mine and of course there’s nothing wrong with that – its just not something that I can relate to. I personally enjoyed every bit of adventure he has taken.
His persistence and never give up approach are the lessons everyone should take from the book. One of the highly recommended books among self-help books of recent times.
Apart from all the positivity the books offers, few might find the book a little self-boosting or unrealistic. A go for book for self-help book lovers and adventure lovers.

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