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Plastic traders have decided to keep their shops shut indefinitely


TRICHY: Plastic traders have decided to keep their shops shut indefinitely in protest against the government’s ‘refusal to consider their plea seeking modification to the plastic ban’.

At least 75 shops owing allegiance to Trichy and Pudukkottai districts plastic manufacturers and traders association remained closed on Tuesday. The move has affected provisional stores and cottage industries, including the self-help groups (SHG), dependent on the traders for packaging food and essential products.

Stating the government has banned recyclable plastic products used by small-time traders for packaging snacks, the traders claimed that non-recyclable multilayer plastic used by corporate companies were not included in the ban.

The traders sought a relaxation on the ban on paper cups, considering the wide usage of the paper cups. As the requests made by the traders for using recyclable plastic was not accepted, at least 50 shops in the city mostly in Allimal street, Big bazaar street, and Periyakammala street remained closed on Tuesday.

“We have planned to close our shops indefinitely against the plastic ban. Proper use and disposal mechanism for recycling the plastic products should be the way, not banning all plastic products,” said A.Rajendran, secretary, Trichy & Pudukkottai districts plastic manufacturers and traders association.

The closure of plastic shops and non-availability of alternatives for cottage industries selling snacks and eatable items are likely to impact at least 50 SHG in the city involved in selling eatable items packed in plastic bags.

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