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Annihilation of the quartern pillar

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There lived a time when Journalism was a reverend vocation. The journalists owned the pride to pronounce  their craft. And today things have gone upside down. Reason being numerous Channels.

Every channel place the demand for twenty four hours coverage.  This has led to the thrusting of Journalists to celebrity corridors. In the door steps of Actor Rajnikanth, Kamal,  and  Other Politicians wait the journalists.

Uncertain of when they’ll  scoot from their house, the reporters stay outside their compounds,  which is painful  to be mentioned. Be it the airports, weddings, funerals anywhere we go, we get to see journalists wielding mic and insensibly requesting a review. Every Press meet has started to seem like a crowded summit nowadays. Due to the media convergence, everyone who has access to internet and smartphone has become a social media journalist and photographer.  One and a half grant rupees is enough to being your own news platform which has turned several bloggers into private journalists.

The craving  to seek attention and public likes has led the journalists to toil into capturing the ebbing away lives of the road accident victims, this is a serious mental state.

“hey journalists!! remain silent ” , “It is requested that reporters please stay aside”, ” Only if the journalists stay calm  we can continue the program”, “hey photographer! stay down”, “Cameramen don’t block the path”, “Please, reporters get your tokens and stand in the queue”  “How many times should i say, there are just 7 channels and 8 papers are there, but you claim to 55 in number”, “How many more envelopes should I distribute ” these are the usual comments we hear in every public gatherings today.

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Every third vehicle that passes in the road bears the PRESS sticker. From the Invitation printers to the Paperboy who clinks the bicycle chime in the morning owns the PRESS board. Right from the miscreants to the infirm old agers, mask themselves into Journalists. The reporter Identity can be claimed in cheap bargain of five hundred rupees.

Press organizations have rooted from international rostrum to

the Desi press associates. There are still pristine aspirants, who yearn to be a journalist. There are tons of youngsters who equip themselves with immense studies into media and work like a Trojan to achieve colossal in the field of Journalism.

Still we are perplexed , How these potent seeds will flourish with the weeds augmenting the sector.  With the rapidly propagating number of channels, where will this “art of educating the people” go in the next decade?

Where are we heading to? I am let speechless, said deeply desolated Paimpozhil Meeran.

-Arul Vnayk







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