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TRICHY: Burglars, angered by their unsuccessful attempt to break open the bank vault, set computers and files on fire at Indian Overseas Bank in Uppiliyapuram in Trichy on Sunday.

Residents in the area woke up as smoke was billowing near the bank. Assuming that the maize crops around the bank had caught fire, some people in the area visited the spot but they found that the smoke was coming out from the bank.

They alerted the Uppiliyapuram police and the bank officials around 1 am last night. The police team and bank officials arrived at the spot. The bank officials opened the bank and found the files, computers and furniture in the banking transaction room and the manager’s room burning. They managed to douse the fire. The preliminary investigation brought to light that the burglars broke the reinforced cement window in the rear side of the bank and got into the bank with an intention to steal money.

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The police suspected that more than one person was involved in the crime. They made attempts to break open the safe vault of the bank in which the cash and valuable documents were kept. Since their attempt to get into the vault failed, they burnt three computers, some chairs and daily ledgers kept in the transaction area.

The police said that the burglars cut off all the wires leading to the burglary alarm and CCTV cameras after entering the bank. The reason for setting the computers on fire could be that they wanted to erase the storage of the CCTV footage, which might have recorded their activity. The police said that the attempt looked like a premeditated one by them.

The police said that they were yet to get a clear picture whether cash was taken away by the burglars. Superintendent of police (SP) of Trichy rural, Zia Ul Haq formed a special team to crack the case on Monday.

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