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BBC – My Dream – A Flagship Woman Of Trichy SHIRLEY DEEPAK

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Now a days, many women are found in the MEDIA and PUBLICITY field, as Entrepreneurs and top level managers, but a couple of decades ago, Media, and Mass communication were not so popular and were not the choice of the women.
Here, we, “NAMMA TRICHY’ Wish to introduce a very successful woman, who particularly chose this field as she had developed a liking and craze way back in 1998.
SHIRLEY DEEPAK, a Professor, designer, consultant, event manager is the person, whom we met on a cool afternoon at her residence..,
Shirly ma’m, a few words about you…
Am shirley Deepak. I was born in Trichy. My father LAWRENCE and, my mother LILLY were teachers. My husband DEEPAK is a business man. I have two children, my daughter DHIYA, my son ADHITHYA. Presently am a professor, designer, consultant, event manager and also a GOOD MOTHER.
What made you to choose MEDIA field…
Well, that’s an interesting memory.. As cable Tv was introduced in Trichy, we too had a connection and in that one channel was BBC News. I used to watch “ASIA TODAY” every morning before going to school and I did not have any such knowledge about Journalism or mass communication, but I decided to become a News reader and that too in BBC .
After I completed my 12th, as regular and normal parents, they too had a dream to put me in a medical college or choose Engineering, but I did not have any kind liking towards science. So, they opted to join in computer science, as it was much famous those days. As I had developed my ambition to become a News reader and that too in BBC, I chose B.A. English Literature at Holy cross college and then I decided to join M.A. Mass communication at Madras University. With 24 seats available, I passed the entrance and got in to PG course. I had to convince my parents for a long time, as I had to move to Chennai for my studies and that too as co-educational and stay in the hostel. Somehow, I was successful in convincing my parents and that’s how I entered into this media field.
How did you develop the habit of reading books?
There was a petty shop near our house, when I was doing my schooling and I used to borrow comics from him. I used to read more books like novels, fiction stories. when I entered college, I asked my professor Mrs. Shanthi Balaiah that I have craze towards reading books, and she advised me to read SHERLOCK HOLMES, which led me to visit the college library often and that’s how I developed the habit of reading books.
Your aim was to become a news reader but how did you become a professor?
You know what happened, after my PG I got married. I was much depressed and felt desperate. Then the principal of Holy cross college sister Rosy gave me call and said that they are going to start visual communication course and wanted me to join as a lecturer. It happened just two months after my delivery. I joined Holy cross college in 2002 and worked till 2014 and from 2012 to 2014, I served as HoD of visual communication department. Here I wish to remember Principal sister Rosy who was such a person that she was gave me all the motivation, courage and cooperation to be a successful professor and that’s how I was able to handle the course and the department.
Can you share few memories as professor and HoD of visual communication department at Holy cross college?
Here I wish to share one important achievement in my career at Holy cross college. In 2005, Anna University, Chennai started the first community radio as “ANNA FM”. Our principal and myself visited Anna University for a study about community radio and we started HOLY CROSS COMMUNITY RADIO in 2006 for which I was made as the in-charge till my exit from Holy cross college. Every year, I had the opportunity of organizing a FILM FESTIVAL for the students to encourage them in this field. We acquired 3 major projects from the government and we made poster and pamphlets on social issues with different themes every year. The first one was OBEY TRAFFIC RULES, which was broadcast in almost all the channels. The department of visual communication at Holy cross college had done many innovative projects and skill development works for the benefit of the students and the community.
Then, what happened to BBC dream?
With a big laugh, she continued…
After my marriage and my job in Trichy at Holy cross college, I started living a normal life. After my college, taking care of my children as a normal mother.
Now what are you doing?…
At present, am at m4c ( Media for media community, New Delhi) as a consultant, and also as a consultant at Common wealth Learning centre, Canada. In addition, am doing consultancy service to Holy cross college and also handling visual Journalism for PG students at Bishop Heber college, Trichy . Am involved and busy in Event management also.
How about your family support?…
Support from my family members was and is, great … There was a chance to go to US on Exchange program from my college as I had to stay in US for a month and study about their education system. As I had two children, I was not in the mood to go to US and that too for a month stay, but my mother in law Sophia, my husband, my parents all encouraged me and motivated me to make use of this wonderful opportunity and that was my first foreign travel .Till date, all my family member extend their complete support for all my efforts and provide career guidance too. Without their support and blessings, I would have never come up to this level.
Here I wish to remember Dr. Sridhar, professor of Anna University, who started ANNA FM and also guided me to start HOLY CROSS COMMUNITY RADIO and inaugurated it. He is now the director of SENHA and he has extended his support and guidance in all my efforts.
Apart being a Professor, How did you convert yourself as a consultant, designer and event manager?
Actually. I had no interest towards teaching or being a professor, since it is really very boring with same syllabus, same books. Am a person of creativity and innovation. No other go, I had to take up teaching job. At one point, in 2014, I quit from Holy cross college and started my consultancy firm. I started a company for Event management in the name of TOUCH STONE EVENTS. Three major projects I handled at Holy cross college provoked me to do consultancy. Just by interest and creativity, am doing pamphlets, greeting cards, invitations, brochures and other designing works. At present, am really busy and life is interesting.
What’s your view and suggestion on reading books and magazines?…
Reading books is so important that it rejuvenates and revitalizes everyone. Even from childhood, rather than play things, I have bought only books for my children and made them to read and develop it as a habit. Nowadays, even VISCOM students don’t read books or watch News, which are very vital to improve their knowledge and skill. Every parent should advice and practice their children to read books, which will tune their mind and soul.
What about your view about ‘MEDIA field not suitable for women?’
Nowadays, students are really choosy and unique. Though many parents don’t have clear knowledge about MEDIA and VISUAL COMMUNICATION, students have to make them understand the scope and future of this course. Moreover, this field is for creators and innovators and all can have a bright future, No matter male or female. When I visited Pune Film Institute, I found many girls in VISCOM studies.
In the present Scenario, How safe are women?
Most of us don’t really care for the happenings, unless they are affected personally. All women need to be cautious and alert every moment as we are now in a world, where reliability and trust worthiness is a question mark.
Every women need to equip themselves with knowledge and power of wisdom. Women need to take extra care while using social media and upgrade themselves with complete knowledge about the Pros and Cons. All women are really potential, knowledgeable and capable to face any kind of challenges in their life and career.
In one word, I wish to day that ‘ women need to upgrade themselves to face the challenges of the world and use their potentiality to achieve success in their efforts.

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