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Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic

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Heart’s pounding, hands shaking. Have these knots in my stomach. But drinking isn’t an option. Maa is sleeping with me. Baba in Lalitaji’s room. And she on the sofa. Want to step into the toilet, take one swig, and then go directly to sleep.
Plot summary: Madhubala Ray, a widow in her 30s lives with her mother-in-law Lalita. She finds it difficult to move away from her husband’s death. Being a teacher in a school, Madhubala finds consolation in her colleague Daksh, who is 4 years younger than her. As their affiar prospers, Madhu meets Agasthya, a good-looking businessman. What happens to Madhu and Daksh relationship? How did Madhu manage to come out her husband’s thoughts were answered in the 280 pages of
comical relief.
Light hearted romance that entertains the readers are hard to come by. Inking such a book with a comical touch is a daunting one. But, Chitrangada Mukherjee’s work has made it look so simple. The Chick-lit, Secret Diary of Incurable Romantic is a fine example of a light-hearted comical romance.
This book is in a Diary form, each new day starts with a chapter. The story deals with a 30 years old woman Madhu AKA Madhubala and an utterly romantic woman, who recently lost her husband of one year in an accident. And to evade her pain, she drowns herself in Wine and Vodka, and that she does with a finesse.
She lives with her Mother-in-Law, whose name however much she tries she could not remember. Madhubala is an Independent woman, who teaches Social Studies in a school.
To make her life more complicated than it is, she falls in love with her 4 years younger colleague in school, Daksh. Only to realize it later that he is already engaged to be married. But Madhu being the quirky and funny girl takes it all in her stride.
This book is deadly. You have to read it in some secluded place so you can laugh without being hampered. This woman is a hoot, let me tell you. She’s hilariously and completely outrageous. The book ‘Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic by Chitrangada Mukherjee’ has a whimsical narration. The book is a funny, daft one, with enough winning charm to
stop you from hating yourself for laughing at its many jokes. Very fluff and breezy read, which we all need to lighten our mood from time to time.
Right from page one, Secret Diary of Incurable Romantic is a fun ride. Madhu’s description of each character and scene are a delight to read. One cannot stop laughing at the hilarious description of Madhu’s encounters.
Chitrangada scored in sculpturing the characters. Apart from Madhu, Daksha, Agasthya and Lalitaji are fine carvings of real life portrayals. Above all, Pintu was the one character I enjoyed reading about.
The story is narrated from Madhu’s perspective, through her personal diary. Though the story is funny and comical, it does have gripping twists and turns which keeps the readers at bay. The climax is an unexpected one. It might satisfy few and disappoint the remaining.
The story of Madhu is a perfect example of a woman who lost her life
in the chaos of events. The book does teach a valuable lesson for those who takes life for granted.
AS chick-lit lovers celebrate the book, few might find the story a bit unfit to the society, especially the traditional ones. If light-hearted romance is your genre, Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is a must read for you. Those who don’t mind traditional barriers will enjoy the comical travel of Madhu.

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