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Prison department proposes to instal X-ray baggage scanners at both places

Security at the Special Prison for Women at Tiruchi and borstal school in Pudukottai accommodating young offenders is to be strengthened with the Prison department proposing to install X-ray baggage scanners at both places.

The Prison department has set the process in motion by floating tender to select the eligible agency for installation, testing and commissioning of the X-ray baggage scanner equipment along with related accessories at the Special Prison for Women and the borstal school.

The Special Prison for Women at Tiruchi is one among the three jails across the State meant exclusively to accommodate women remand prisoners and convicts.

The borstal school at Pudukottai accommodates young offenders from 18 to 21 years.

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The identified agency would also impart hands-on training to a team of Prison officers and staff on the operation and maintenance of the scanner which would be tested for establishing their performance to ensure that it conformed to the accepted specification.

The Prison department has clearly spelt out the specification, parameters and requirements of the X-Ray baggage scanner which would be utilised to detect and thwart unauthorised substances from being smuggled into the prison.

Prison authorities here said the Special Prison for Women houses around 75 prisoners including about 30 convicts. The borstal school accommodates about 20 – 25 young offenders. Women prisoners hailing from districts including Tiruchi, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Karur and Erode were accommodated in the Special Prison for Women which is completely manned by women officers and staff.

The main objective of the proposed move to instal X-ray baggage scanners was to thwart smuggling of unauthorised substances into the high-secure prison, a senior prison official said adding that it was also aimed at further strengthening security.

The Special Prison for Women authorities had earlier sent a proposal seeking the installation of X-ray baggage scanner.

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