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Extract: The sound of the door opening dashed her first hope. She held her breath, stilled her body into silence in a last futile attempt at stopping him from fiding her.

Plot summary: A 14 year young school girl gets killed in a school shootout, a gorgeous woman gets killed at her apartment, a 72 year old woman gets throttled at her home… every victim had one thing in common their name. Natasha Mehra, a name that has to be eliminated from the planet was the assignment. What’s the reason behind the massacre? Who is behind it? Why should Natasha Mehra’s be eliminated, were answered in the 212 pages of breathtaking thriller.

Fiction widens our imagination, if it is a thriller it activates our neural, if the thriller lives up to the expectations it flabbergast the readers. Anand Sivakumaran tries to hit the jackpot through his first authorial Natasha Mehra Must Die.

Just the word go is needed to kickstart this conundrum. From page one the story is a delight of a read. Anand Sivakumaran has phased the story in such a way, that keeps the readers at bay. Every chapter leaves the reader wanting for more.

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The never ending twists and turns (that lasts till the last page), the surprises and the shockers, the mystery behind the deaths and what not. The story has everything that a decent thriller needs to stock up, not to forget the cinematic life saving scenes.

The surprise factor about the story is it’s characterization. Though the plot is fast phased and we don’t get much time to get accustomed with the characters, Anand has done an excellent job in planting the protagonist in the reader’s’ mind.

The revelation of the mystery is perfectly placed with simple explanation. The climax is what one call a perfect end -at least for the first book of the trilogy (Yes, two more books are expected to complete the trilogy). Apart from a handful of positives the narration does have few glitches as well. The language of Anand is a bit advanced for ameture readers. Even an average reader might find it difficult at times (Off course the readers’ vocabulary will be feeded beyond the limit). Few might find the revelation of the mystery a bit similar to few other Indian novels (but, not me). The gruesome of the deaths might disturb few week hearted readers (though it ads a dark theme to the story which I enjoyed a lot).

If thriller is your genre, if you love unending twists and turns, if you enjoy mystery Natasha Mehra Must Die a must read for you. Recommended for a quick and thrilling read.

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