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TRICHY: The city police has appealed to banks, commercial establishments and residences to install multi-recording systems instead of depending one single unit to help nab criminals who are lately involved in taking away the digital video recorders (DVR) attached to CCTV cameras, along with the loot, in order not to leave any trace for the investigators.

The surveillance cameras are vital for prevention and detection of crimes, but the offenders’ act leaves investigating officers clueless in burglaries taking place in the city. The appeal comes in the wake of the several crimes, including the heist at Bikshandakovil branch of Punjab National Bank (PNB), burglary attempt in Indian Overseas bank in Uppliyapuram, burglary in a supermarket in Pazhoor Trichy at an LPG agency in Manapparai taking place in the district.

To make the system foolproof, the city police recently convened a meeting with technical experts of CCTV camera installations. Trichy commissioner of police, A Amalraj suggested for dual recording facilities for footage at residences and commercial places. “Since the offenders try new methods to erase their identity from a crime, we should also apply some techniques to nail them.

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As they take away the DVRs, we should go for two recorders and one of them should be kept secret,”  told Amalraj Superintendent of police, Trichy district Zia Ul Haq on Monda also insisted on the installation of two recorders. Since the storage of footage itself is stolen, police are left with tough choices like verifying other methods to crack the cases. Recommended By Colombia In the case of the PNB heist where around 500 sovereigns of gold jewellery, Rs 19 lakh cash and documents from five lockers were stolen, police said the bank administration failed to have a recording at their headquarters. Pointing out the laxity, the police issued a strong advice to the banks.

An expert in CCTV installation, B Jainulabideen said that many people avoided dual DVRs to cut down the expense on surveillance cameras. “The cost for the additional DVR is considered to be a burden by the customers. So, they do away with the extra recorder and go for the only one taking the risk,” he said adding that the features of increasing the period of recording will also be optional. He also said that cameras and DVRs can be installed clandestinely which the offenders cannot even locate.

Usually, people keep the DVRs in full visibility. A police officer advised that the one of the recorders should be kept away from the burglars eyes. Trichy city police which is in the process of bringing all areas in the city under CCTV control is looking for enhancing the storage facility for prevention and detection of crimes in the city limits.

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