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a massive rally on March 2 against all ongoing destruction projects

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TRICHY: Movement Against Destruction will be staging a massive rally against all the ongoing and proposed projects, which pose a threat to environment and humanity.

The protest is scheduled to be held on March 2, in Thanjavur, founder and president of the movement KK R Lenin said. Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, he said that they vehemently oppose hydrocarbon extraction project, thermal power project, Kudankulam nuclear power plant, and the proposed Sagarmala project and Neutrino project.

All these projects are purposely implemented in Tamil Nadu with an ulterior motive of the destruction of Tamilians. It is total genocide of Tamils, he alleged. “The entire area starting from Karaikal to Nagapattinam should be announced as a protected agriculture zone, instead of the present status of a protected petrochemical zone. Once thermal power plants would come, all the trees will be chopped, which will lead to an acute shortage of rain,” he said.

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Once the Neutrino project would be implemented, the area would be utilized to stock nuclear waste, he alleged. During the process of oil and gas extraction, the rocks are being pierced or broken using a hydraulic and fracturing method. The process involves drilling of exploratory wells in the chosen places to release natural gas and oil from deep beneath the surface of the Earth.

To extract gases they inject high-pressure fracturing fluid into the sedimentary rocks which crack the rocks. The high-pressure fluid is ultimately water, sand and a massive amount of chemicals, Lenin said.

This guy Lenin should be externed from Tamilnadu Chary Ramesh “The water pumped inside could be recycled using waste water treatment. However, more than 90% of water never returns to the surface. The water is just removed from the natural cycle and this will automatically lead to drought. The main risk associated with this extraction process is the potential contamination of drinking water with chemicals used in the process and when the Earth develops huge holes, it would lead to an artificial quake,” he added.

So, all the destructive projects should be revoked. Moreover, the proposed projects which are ruining nature should be stopped, he added.

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