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OFB received BPC from the Indian Army

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Trichy: The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has received bulk production clearance (BPC) from the Indian Army and the ministry of defence for the production of 114 numbers of ‘Dhanush’, first-ever indigenous 155 mm x 45 calibre artillery guns.

It is said the weapon is the first long-range artillery gun to be produced in India as part of the Make in India initiative. A statement from the Ordnance Factory Trichy (OFT) said that the gun is equipped with inertial navigationbased sighting system, auto-laying facility, on-board ballistic computation and an advanced day and night direct firing system.

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The performance of Dhanush was said to be evaluated under various conditions in several phases. The self-propulsion unit has been designed to allow the gun to negotiate and deploy itself in the mountainous terrains at ease.

The bulk production clearance was provided only after the artillery guns were tested extensively in towed and self-propelled mode across various terrains such as desert and high altitude. Such an extensive exercise was said to be carried out for the first time for any gun system under the process of induction.

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