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5000 corpses burnt, by Arokiamary

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The common place for every great man was cemetery, but he started to talk with the smiley lines that he could come from.  You can come up with the suspicion of what is the relationship with arokiamary and cemetery.

We talked to her for NAMMA TRICHY  Magazine.  She told, My hometown was ponmalaippatti. I have live here for more than 35 years.  My Husband is a thavil player, but the common work for both of us in the graveyard in the region of mavatikkulam.  My Father-in-law has done the job, after him we have doing since then.  Today, women are forced to work. In the graveyard to avoid the arrival of the common grave,I will do all the rituals to a dead body.

At first, it was a little scary and sophisticated to do this.  But it’s getting used to it  day-by-day.  I burned more than 5000 corpses in 30 years.  At the beginning of my married life, I help my husband.  I will do my job and get home immediately.  The test came to me, when my husband went to one thavil occasion, a 25-year-old girl body was taken to a cemetery by telling her that she had committed suicide.  I had to go to the final rituals and talk to me but I was in the mood that I was not do this first.

Without any other way, I did all the rituals. That was the first experience I had to make from one individual.  But now it’s going to get used to.

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When the dead body burns, the dead body will rise up and it will not stand up, before burning we will pull the hands off the back of it.  If it is not tied up the two arms will rise above the same.  A corpse was reduced 2 to 3 hours, even if a large-scale bodies take a few hours.

The fire and argol is very important for this industry, its harder to get all this time.  Only a few villages in trichy make argol.  The price of Rs.1100 to 1200 will be available in 25 kg.  Normally, a corpse needs to be 500 argol.  In the rainy season, there is a little bit more.  However, we do not get much money from relatives to the cemetery.  Even there are little comfortable family we get Rs.5000.  If they are a difficult family, we will get less than Rs.3000.  It is not permenent income for us. but we will satisfy with this income.  Tomorrow, I’m also going to throw it on argol and firewood, so I can do as much as I can to do this job. We shared with us the satisfaction of being a permanent source of income and  also shared with us the favor of getting the help of the government on good terms.

We have seen the emergence of a place where there is no place for women living in arokiamary’s life.

-Kalpana Pugazhenthi



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