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assurances from CM on completing pending infrastructure projects of trichy

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TRICHY: When the CM campaigned in the city on Monday, many had anticipated some assurances from him on completing pending infrastructure projects, which are aplenty.

However, what lay in store for them was utter silence on specific topics and impractical assurances on demands, causing much disappointment. Campaigning at Gandhi Market, Palaniswami mentioned about Trichy being selected as one of the smart cities in the state and efforts taken for reclaiming the Ariyamangalam dump yard through biomining.

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However, on the decades-old demand to establish an integrated bus terminus (IBT), the CM said that it will come up at Kottapattu, a site which was found unviable and the plan shelved.

The district administration and Trichy corporation had only in January informed that Kottapattu was located close to the airport and central prison and hence was out of the reckoning. They also revealed that the hunt for another site for the IBT was under way. “It is disappointing to note that the CM is misinformed and not updated about the city’s crucial IBT project. Kottapattu was rejected as it was unviable but the CM is giving an assurance that IBT will come up at Kottapattu,” K Shyam Sundar, a resident of Thiruverumbur, said.

The other pending projects including semi-ring road and Trichy junction RoB, that awaits defence ministry land, were given a miss by the CM. While the campaigning was held at Gandhi Market, a section of traders expressed disappointment at the CM not giving an assurance not to shift the market to the city outskirts. “We have been asking the state government to widen Karur road for years but adequate funds were not sanctioned. Ironically, the CM travelled on the same road for campaigning but did not utter a word about widening it,” P Aiyarappan, a resident of Allur, said. Meanwhile, police personnel on Monday detained a farmer, M Chinnadurai, at Allithurai while he was preparing a petition to submit to the CM. “I was detained for a while by police just because they thought I may stage a protest during his visit,” he said.

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