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India needs to guard against internal security threats says former NSA M.K. Narayanan

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While addressing centenary year College Day celebration of  Tiruchi  National College,  Insurgency, Kashmir militancy are challenging situation, says former NSA M.K. Narayanan.

While strengthening its global positioning on political, economic and technology fronts, India needs to guard against internal security threats, former National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan said on Tuesday.

The country faces a challenging situation of dealing with internal security threats in the form of insurgency in north-eastern States, separatist movement in Kashmir, and the Khalistan struggle in Punjab.

Pakistan-China relations is a cause for concern. Retaliation cannot be an answer to extremist attacks. Since the disturbances cannot be caused without local support, the country has to take precautions and be on its guard to ensure that things do not go out of control, Mr. Narayanan said, addressing the centenary year College Day celebration of National College, Tiruchi.

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India’s transformation on political and economic fronts, while retaining the spiritual heritage, and its rise as a key player in global scenario has a few parallels. India is a shining example of democracy and finest constitution, and is in a strong position to get a seat in UN security council, Mr. Narayanan said.

The growth rate of India is better than China, and the country is poised to overtake USA as economic superpower by 2030.

However, the country also has to deal with the educated unemployed. The world is at the beginning of an uncertain phase. The disinformation threat is disrupting normal behaviour. The country has to ensure that inequality and income disparity do not cause threat to social fabric.

Massive disruptions will occur due to convergence of technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics and big data analytics. The student community needs to develop the skills for accepting the change, the former NSA said.

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