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Commuters suffer as sewage flows on VOC road

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TRICHY: With frequently overflowing sewage chambers turning the VOC road a running stream of filth, commuters and travellers face an unpleasant time every day, having to negotiate reeking water to reach the Central Bus stand. Local residents blamed the problem on malfunctioning diaphragm chambers which create blockage in them, helping the sewage to flow out of the channel to the road.

Diaphragm chambers are a mandatory mechanism to filter solid waste from heading to the sewers and causing blockages Targeting passengers on the stand, a lot of lodges, restaurants, and marriage halls are functioning around the arterial roads including VOC road, William’s road, and Rockins road heading to the bus stand. Though the roads have well established underground sewage (UGDS) system, frequent clogging in the sewers mostly because of dumping the solid waste along the drainage makes the roads to get drenched with wastewater. Foreseeing the need to prevent solid waste from being dumped in sewers, the corporation took up an initiative and made it mandatory for all hotels, educational institutes, and wedding halls to install diaphragm chambers in August 2016. The mechanism will filter the solid waste from commercial establishments.

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It will be collected in the silt chamber, thus preventing the solid waste reaching the main sewage chambers. “VOC road is frequently witnessing leakage and overflow in sewage chambers, particularly near the medical college hostel’s entrance. Civic body should identify the cause and prevent the recurrence,” C Balasubramanian, a resident of Selva Nagar added.

It is learnt that a section of commercial establishments have a faulty diaphragm chamber or a minimal number of chambers than the facility actually required for ensuring no solid waste would head to sewage lines. Corporation sources said the KAP Viswanatham Medical College Hostel on VOC road has actually one diaphragm chamber instead of the mandatory two. It results in the solid waste clogging the sewage lines. The absence of periodical checks to ensure proper working of diaphragm chambers in major commercial establishments on Williams road and Rockins road was cited as the reason for the roads to be flooded with wastewater due to line blocks.

“We have asked the medical college hospital management to install one more diaphragm chamber. They have assured to oblige. The diaphragm chambers will be frequently inspected to see the condtion,” a civic body official said.

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