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When I was the mayor, AMMA invited me to join in AIADMK – Sarubala Thondaiman.

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Following the reorganization, the Trichy Lok Sabha constituency

comprises six legislative constituencies in Srirangam, Trichy (West), Trichy

(East), Tiruvarampur, Gandharvakottai (P) and Pudukottai. If you look at

the victory history of this constituency, there are more pages for the Indian

Communist and Congress. As a Congress candidate, Adaikala Raj won 4

times. Since 2009, this platform is available at AIADMK. DMK won only

once in Trichy in 1980 lok Sabha election.

In this context, Trichy has been left behind by AIADMK, its coalition partner

the DMDK,  and the DMK  its coalition partner, the Congress.

Sarubala  Thondaiman is contesting on behalf of the AMMK who has

attracted the attention of this election. He was a member of the Pudukottai

kings family and was twice a Trichy Mayor. He has contested on behalf of

the Congress in the last Lok Sabha election and is now contesting on

behalf of AMMK.

In this election, Sarubala  Thondaiman has been interviewed by Tamil

Nadus leading magazine in the hope that it will be able to win all the

Tamilnadu with a symbol of TTV, even if it is not have a cooker symbol. We

give it.

You started the election campaign very soon. How are people getting


Yes, I started the campaign before filing the nomination. Everywhere i go

is a good welcome. I have already been a mayor for Trichy twice. So, Ive

been familiar with the people. This is more powerful for me.

According to electoral history, Trichy has been a stronghold of Congress.

Thirunavukarasu , Congress party candidate is against you in this election.

How do you see that?

The Congress, which was there then, is no longer. So, i did not see the

Thirunavukarasu as a competitor. The weakness of the Congress is the

fact that I joined the Congress in the last Lok Sabha election and then

joined the AIADMK.

As a interest in AIADMK, Why did you chanced to AMMK?

When I was the mayor, ‘AMMA’ called me to join me in AIADMK. I

joined the High Command with her attraction. But, unfortunately, he

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disappeared. Then there was a split within the party. The split identified the

TTV Dinakaran as the real leader. So, I’m on the side of TTV Dinakaran.


What are the main issues of Trichy?

This is tell by P. Kumar a two-time member of the Lok Sabha. Because

the airport runway expansion, the Tanjore highway and the integrated bus

station are still in paper. My goal is to do things that I do not do for the

people who went to Delhi for 10 years as a Member of Parliament for 2


When I was the Mayor, I requested and brought the railway land and set

up bus stations in the corporation fund. But until he went to the Parliament,

he could not do anything for Trichy .

After the block restructuring, Pudukottai has lost the status of a separate

Lok Sabha constituency. This is the abode of Pudukottai people.

Again, it is the AIADMK MP Attempted?

What kind of impact do you think the absence of a logo?

Our symbol is TTV. We collect the vote by identifying him. When he is

our symbol, what is the need for fear? TTV Dinakaran was successful in

RK Nagar with the symbol of the last time. In any situation like him, we can

relax and stand without fear and win.

Since the emblem of the logo has been issued, AMMk is a subject of

discussion. This is the party that has made 3% vote for the party.

Moreover, there is no sun symbol and no double leaf symbol in the field.

The work of volunteers for the coalition parties is different, and the job of

making a separate party is different .

95% of the volunteers in the AMMk are from AIADMK. They are busy

working for Dinakaran in the field. This results can fully  shown in

Tamilnadu election.

You are a female candidate. Do you think women are going to vote for


As far as we are concerned, all of the great voices are for the identity of

TTV. Rather than the woman I would say that i belonged to the TTV party

that only people gave support from me. Young people and women are in

favour of TTV Dinakaran.


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