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For this hot summer, Mumbai kulfi gives a pleasant feel ….(Mumbai kulfi in Srirangam)

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For this hot summer, Mumbai kulfi gives a pleasant feel ….

Due to heavy impact of heat in summer season, we wanted relax ourselves by seeking to soft drinks. Consuming soft drinks doesn’t fulfill our tiredness. But Mumbai Kulfi provokes new strength and gives pleasure to our hearts. Such a special Mumbai Kulfi is now available at Srirangam.

When we think about Kulfi, our tongues unknowingly induce a splendid taste.  This kind of Kufli provides cool and healthier product for this summer season. It attracts all sorts of people from children to elders. Eating Kulfi never allows us to feel enough. Such sweet taste endures and. encourage us to eat some more.

On the way to Chennai, Trichy woman, Kanimozhi had a chance to have many varieties of kulfi and unique taste makes her to forget herself. So, she intends to provide a good quality, tasty and healthy kulfi. She invokes Mumbai Kulfi near at Trichy Srirangam bus stand. She had an intention to not be at home after marriage and wanted to chill the hearts of Srirangam people by kulfi. Her determination provokes to open Mumbai kulfi at February 24 2019.


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 Kinds and specialty of kulfi:

Malai Kulfi is the famous variety among the people. This kind doesn’t have any artificial food products.

Other varieties are fruit tastes and badham, pista, cashew tastes prepared in natural way and it is the special aspect of Malai kulfi.  Many varieties are prepared by milk, badham and fruits. Then tutti frutti, mix fruits kulfi, kulganthu kulfi, pista kulfi slice, mango kulfi slice are most popular and most saled varieties among people. These kinds of kulfi have great taste, good quality and lower in cost. That aspect attracts custumers to visit once again replied Kanimozhi, the owner of Mumbai Kulfi.


Special door delivery…

The Door Delivery is also offered in good condition according to customers’ needs. All varieties of kulfi are providing in good package condition. Mumbai Kulfi prepared on more importance in health. The name Mumbai Kulfi whenever it heard our mind overwhelmed and gets eagerness to taste it. Our hearts intend us to visit Mumbai kulfi and taste the unique sweet taste of kulfi.


(Translation :N.Yazhini, Holy Cross College, Trichy)





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