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Why should we wear sunglasses?

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Generally, wearing sunglasses seem to be a stylistic and scene. But in reality, that’s not true. the real intention to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. While at driving, it helps to protect our eyes from dust particles and irritating summer heat and specially, it maintains the moisture of eyes, so its essential to wear sunglasses. When we step out from our home, how we wear slippers likewise we must wear sunglasses to protect our eyes.

Whatever sorts of sunglasses are available? How to wear it?

There are three types in sunglasses. First, its normal sunglasses, this kind had colourized glass. it protect our eyes from dust and heat. It is available in low cost. Secondly, among colourized glasses, there are UV rays glasses are available. They protect from harmful UV rays and provides clear vision. It’s quit costlier than normal sunglasses. Thirdly, Polarized sunglasses are not only protect us from UV rays it gives soft vision. Commonly while we travelling on highways, it gives glares and mirages. Heat induces unwanted brightness; by wearing sunglasses avoid such difficulties while travelling. Specially visiting a tour spot, this polarized sunglass gives a splendid spectacle of nature.

What are the benefits to wear sunglasses?

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During summer season, sun reveals heavy UV rays, wearing sunglasses avoids such dangers. On worldwide, foreigners frequently use sunglasses. All ages of people gives more importance to wear sunglasses. Whenever they step out, they wear sunglasses. so average range of people affected by cataract is above seventy. But in India, the average range is above forty. Even youngsters are affected by plerygium and eye disorders, which are found in more cases. Hence wearing sunglasses minimize the problems.

What kinds of sunglasses are available at your store? for what cost, it sold to costumers?

Our store, “Eye Link Optical” situated at trichy, Thillai Nagar, 9th cross. For this following summer, we introduce a lot of variety of sunglasses. It costs from two hundred rupees to two thousand rupees. In additional, there is a special feature that is people who have problem in eye disorder, regarding to their eye powers, sunglasses are designed in greater way.

Summer discount sale provides a purchase above two thousand rupees gifted by polarized sunglasses in free cost and purchasing a power glasses gifted by one sunglass in absolute free cost. So stride directly to our store to get lot of benefits.

(transalation: N.Yazhini, Holy Cross College, Trichy)

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