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thriller held in trichy For the courage of student : Attorney in prison

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Thriller held  in Trichy: Attorney in prison.

Sexual harassment of the study.

Attorney in prison by the courage of the student.

Lawyer Divakar (30) from Karur. He has rented a house in Trichy Bhima Nagar and has been holding office there. Labour Kumaran (name has been renamed) lived near his office. Her daughter studied plus 2 in the same area school.

The habit of using the stairs in the attorney’s office to study from a small age. Divakar has been renting the office for the past one year. He also had  stay in the office. In this situation, she has begun to talk to with a student who is studying in the staircase.

As early as in the course of the study, the speaker often began to pick up occasionally at the chosen time.

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She has been involved in rape, claiming she is well aware of the accounting and telling her the accounting examination. The student who escaped from him would say the problem would be bigger if you say so. At the same time he did not tell anyone about the difficulty of writing and went to his relatives’ home and left home .

But that lawyer did not say anything at home. At the same time, the lawyer has jumped in the bathroom, looking girl at the bathing time. So the girl was shocked and didn’t know how to do what she does so she shouted. However, lawyer Divakar has shot the girl on cellphone. The father of the girl complained to the police that he could not tolerate these atrocities.

Subsequently, the trial went to all women’s police stations. The police took the case and arrested him.

At that time, the women’s police in the Fortress Women’s Police Station tried to change the girl’s complaint, saying “it’s going to be a complaint and an unnecessary problem.”

She said: “Maybe he will spoil me and the stomach ups and down, then what you tell “That’s the opposite question The women’s guardians. The lawyer filed a lawsuit against the Divakar. Lawyer Divakar was arrested on the basis of the complaint and was detained at the Trichy Central Jail.

It is the duty of parents to develop their daughter to share everything with courage.

P.Kalpana Pugalenthi


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