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Corporation hopes to declare the city 100% bin-free soon

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Dumping of waste in public places seems to be on the rise across the city after the Tiruchi City Corporation removed garbage bins following the setting up of micro-composting centres.

More than 95% of the 1,172 large bins have been removed to execute the city corporation’s decision to make it mandatory for residents to drop the domestic waste directly to pushcarts or light commercial vehicles of the Corporation.

“Currently 175 vehicles have been deployed to collect waste and transport it to one of the 30-odd micro-composting centres set up across the city’s four zones. We will add to the fleet by the end of this year. We will soon declare the city 100 per cent bin-free. That has been our aim in line with the Swachh Bharat mission,” said N. Ravichandran, city corporation commissioner.

Residents, however, complain of irregularity of the garbage collection trucks. “Most of the time the truck misses our street or comes only in the afternoon at around 3 p.m. Nobody is at home to hand over the waste at that time. If we keep the bins out dogs and cattle ravage it,” says S. Bharathi, a resident in Woraiyur. They also fret that garbage is being dumped on street corners regularly. “The corporation sometimes cleans up the area but in the morning one can see that the garbage dump has returned. The nearby eateries and also the residents throw their garbage where the old garbage bins used to be,” said a street vendor in Woraiyur.

Street vendors, meanwhile complain that they are left with no choice as there are no garbage collection trucks at night.

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“We cannot leave food waste in our stall and go at night but like in other cities, there is no way to hand over the garbage in the night hours. What are we to do then?” they ask.

Mr. Ravichandran adds that he has received complaints of waste being dumped on roads during night hours especially in places where dustbins were earlier placed.

“Penalties ranging between ₹50 to ₹500, could be imposed on those who litter, including eateries and residents. When the media highlights the levying of these fines, the littering will reduce,” he said.

The Corporation has also approached some private landowners to fence their vacant plots to avoid dumping of garbage into or around their land.

He, however, denies claims that the garbage trucks were irregular. “We keep a regular check on the trucks at the microcomposting centres. People miss the truck and then complain that it failed to come,” he added.

(source :TOI)

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