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3,208 parents have submitted applications under RTE in private Schools

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Saturday being the last day to submit online applications for seats reserved under Right to Education (RTE) Act in private schools, 3,208 parents have submitted applications seeking seats for children in the district.

This is against 3673 RTE seats available in the entry level in 292 schools across the district, according to chief education office in Trichy. While officials are expecting the number of applications to exceed the available seats by Saturday evening, the trend remains positive for RTE seats over the past couple of years due to multiple factors. Under the RTE Act, 25% seats in the entry level in self-financing schools should be reserved for children from disadvantaged section of society.

RTE offers avenue to parents who want to see their children in popular private schools in their neighbourhood but cannot afford the fee. Parents, who manage to get a seat for their children under RTE, need not pay any tuition fee. The state and Central government reimburse the fees to the respective schools.

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The trend remains promising across the state as over a lakh application have already been received against 1.21 lakh RTE seats reserved across private schools in the state in self-financing schools. “There has been a positive shift among parents towards government schools unlike the recent years,” said M Ramakrishnan, chief educational officer while attributing it to infrastructural boost to these schools. “But popular private schools remain a dream for many middle-class parents.

As RTE provides them the avenue, increasing fee in private schools has prompted even parents to seek RTE seats for their wards,” Ramakrishnan said. “There is a fall in the queries that CEO office used to receive from parents in terms of online submission of application. This indicates rising awareness among parents,” he said.

(source : TOI)

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