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Vaikasi Visakam festival in Panchavarnaswamy Temple at Woraiyur

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Devotees drew the new temple car of Panchavarnaswamy Temple at Woraiyur here on Friday as part of ongoing Vaikasi Visakam festival.

Yesterday , the idol of Sri Somaskandar was placed inside the new temple car which was drawn by devotees around 8 a.m. The car went through the Sannidhi Street, Periya Sourashtra Street, Tawker Road and Nawab Thottam.

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The Vaikasi Visakam festival commenced on May 9. The ‘Thirukalyanam’ was held on May 15. The ‘Theerthavai’ at the temple tank would be held on May 18 with the ‘Prayachitha Abhishekam’ for ‘pancha moorthis’ and ‘Vidaiyatri Utsavam’ on May 19 when the holy event comes to an end.

(source: The Hindu)

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