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NHAI has taken up preliminary work through the concessionaire to build a temporary road at the Palpannai junction

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The frequent traffic snarls at Palpannai  junction, a major gateway for visitors from the delta districts to Trichy, are all set to be history in a month. Since the absence of a free left facility for vehicles coming from Thanjavur-Trichy NH83 is blamed for the bottlenecks and serpentine queues, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken up preliminary work through the concessionaire to build a temporary road at the junction.

Situated at the intersecting point of NH 38 (Chennai-Trichy) and NH83 (Thanjavur-Trichy), Palpannai junction is the first gateway for vehicles arriving from both the national highways to the city. The junction also links the outskirts including Thiruverumbur and Thuvakudi on NH83 with the rest of the city. However, there is no free left road for vehicles arriving from NH83 to reach Senthaneerpuram, G corner, Pudukkottai road and Mannarpuram at the junction.

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Hence the vehicles wait in a long queue behind those heading straight to Gandhi Market from Palpannai. Though the problem was identified, efforts to provide a free left road at the junction were dragging on due to the presence of electricity poles which hinder the civil work. While the relocation of EB poles awaits no objection certificate (NOC) from Tangedco, sources said that the concessionaire of NH83, as an interim arrangement, has agreed to take up work on the road with minimal width. “We have removed the signage boards and the drain adjacent to the NH83 to facilitate a 3metre-wide free left road for now. Once Tangedco agrees to relocate the electricity poles, the width of the proposed free left will be increased further,” an official source with Trichy-Thanjavur Expressways Limited said.

Claiming that the junction is not vulnerable to water stagnation, the concessionaire has planned to close the drain which occupies a sizeable portion of the available space to build the free left road. The work is likely to conclude in a month after which two-wheelers, autorickshaws and cars will be able to access the free-left road.

(source : TOI)

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